How to Buy Eda Token

See below the information on how to buy Eda token.

First Step: Open an account with EdaFace Launchpad by signing up at

Note that you only need your name, email address and a secure password to sign up.

Second Step: Login to your EdaFace Launchpad account with your sign-up details and click on “Buy Token.”

Then type in the amount of Eda Token you want to buy and then click on “Make Payment.”

Third Step: Select the Payment Process, agree with the Sales TCs, and click on Buy Token Now.

This will generate a transaction Order Number (TNX...) with a Receiving Wallet Address and the exact Amount to pay.

Fourth Step: Pay into the Receiving Wallet Address with the indicated Amount.

In case you send a different amount, the number of Eda Token will update accordingly. The minimum amount for purchase is 20 USD.

Fifth Step: To speed up the verification process of your transaction, please enter your wallet address that you’ve paid from into the indicated place and click “Confirm Payment.”

The amount of Eda Token that you’ve bought will appear on the Dashboard of your Launchpad Account after 3 blockchain confirmations.

Note the following important information:

  • Do not make payment through any exchange (such as Binance and Luno). Rather you can use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other BEP20 non-custodial wallet.
  • EdaFace Launchpad only accepts BNB BEP20 or USDT BEP20.