Compliance Grading

This shows our compliance grading system.

Please, note that your submitted Project will be assigned a Compliance Grade based on its verification status:

(i). Prelim Verif

This initial submission will flag your Project as “Prelim Verif.” This means your submitted Project has successfully achieved “Preliminary Verification,” which will be displayed conspicuously next to it.

(ii). Comp Verif

EDA manually checks every submitted Crypto Project listed on EdaFace. This is to ensure adherence to EDA’s minimum safety listing requirements (MSLR) that helps to minimize crypto scams.

Once your Project passes the manual compliance, it will be flagged as “Comp Verif,” which means “Complete Verification.”

Outcome of Compliance Grade

A Crypto Project that fails to receive “Comp Verif” will automatically be delisted from EdaFace Launchpad platform within 30 days.

Upon submission, you will receive an automated response from EDA. Subsequently, EDA may or may not notify you of the verification status of your submitted Project, depending on the backlog of work. It is your responsibility to ensure correct documentations are submitted for Compliance Grade check.