Anatomy of EDAP

EdaFace Launchpad consists of seven (7) sections:

EDAP serves the following functions:

(i). Dashboard

This is where the purchased Eda Token will be seen.

(ii). Buy Token

This is where you can buy Eda Token. It displays the amount of tokens and the bonus you will receive for a certain amount.

For every purchase you make, you will receive a 3% bonus.

(iii). Transaction

This is where you will see all the transactions of your purchases.

(iv). How-to-Buy

This is where you can read and watch videos on how to buy Eda Token during the Presales.

(v). My Token

This displays the amount of tokens you have that are available for your immediate use.

There are two main buttons here:

  • Receiving Wallet.

This is where you can add your receiving wallet address.

  • Stake Button

By clicking on the Stake Button, the Staking Platform will open up for you to stake your tokens and receive annual 5% compounded interest.

(vi). Referral

This is where you will see all your referrals.

In addition, you will see your referral link, known as Referral URL, which you can send to all your relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. to buy Eda Token..

When anyone buys with your Referral URL, you will receive 10% of the amount that the individual has purchased.

(vii). Main Site

This division takes you to EdaFace main website.