Advertising-On-EdaFace (AOE)

Here your Crypto Project will be advertised on either Ongoing Presale or Upcoming Presale.

Clients will be able to click on your website and social media that will lead them to the platform where you are running your Presale.

Note that if you select AOE, you will not receive any discount if you decide to list your Project on EdaFace Crypto Reflector after your presale.


If you want list your Crypto Project on the AOE platform, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete ALL the 16 Listing Parameters of EdaFace Launchpad mentioned in Project Submission platform.
  • Pay the preferred listing amount with Eda Token.
  • Accept the listing terms and conditions.

Once all the above conditions are met and submitted, your Crypto Project will be listed automatically on the AOE platform of EdaFace Launchpad.