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Core Team
  • Artur Grandi

    Co-Founder & CFO

  • Maxym Sereda

    Co-Founder & CMO

  • Igor Shapataiev


  • Rafael Zeitunian

    Co-Founder & CSO

  • Alexey Balaban


  • Yuliy Voronoy


  • Dmitriy Metenev

    Software Developer

  • Alex Scryabin

    Software Developer

  • Konstantin Lysenko

    Blockchain Architect

  • Nikolai Mikhno

    Blockchain Architect

  • Ludmila Novikova


  • Irina Afteniuk

    Customer Support Manager

  • Yelena Yevstafyeva

    Community Manager/School Mentor

  • Nestor Dubnevych

    Legal Advisor

More Information

Grand Time: The First Truly Complete Blockchain Platform That Can Finally Take Crypto Into the Mainstream

Grand Time is a multi-functional, decentralized, community-driven crypto ecosystem designed with a clear vision in mind: breaking with the myth of blockchain & crypto technology being too complicated for everyday use and introducing as many new people to the crypto community as possible. Through its simplicity and accessibility, the project aiming to put cryptocurrency and blockchain into the mainstream.

Grand Time is not just a single solution – it’s a vast ecosystem consisting of multiple different products which all share the same purpose: making crypto transparent and easily understandable to anyone, especially people with no previous crypto experience. Therefore, the platform will address both the needs of early blockchain adopters & experienced crypto experts.

Billions of people around the world use social media every day. Popular social media platforms are fun and simple to use by anyone, regardless of their age or technical experience.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are still used by a relatively small group of people. While many young people enjoy using them, older generations consider them to be too complicated. Grand Time is a crypto project built around a brilliant idea: what if crypto could be as welcoming and easy to use as social media?

About Grand Time

Grand Time is a decentralized, community-driven environment designed around a simple idea: allowing people to literally turn time into money by empowering them to monetize and tokenize every moment of their lives.
Grand Time is powered by a token called Grand, which separates every day into 10,000,000 Grand units. Thanks to Grand tokens, even the smallest parts of our lives can be turned into crypto assets.
However, the unique thing about Grand Time is that it also provides people with multiple creative ways to use their Grand tokens. In other words, Grands are not just collectibles - they are multi-functional digital assets.

Unique of the Grand Time Ecosystem

One of the biggest problems of the current blockchain ecosystem is the fact that most digital currencies are simply not very useful. Even when a beginner acquires some crypto, there are just not too many things which can be done with it, which is very off-putting.
Grand Time differs from most crypto projects by focusing on the usability of Grand tokens. Because of that, the Grand Time ecosystem is very vibrant and full of various beginner-friendly tools empowering people to put their tokens to a good use.

Some of the main components of Grand Time include:

Grand Social Mining
Social mining allows everyone to turn time into money in a very easy way. The users can generate some amount of Grand token rewards by performing simple social media tasks, such as promoting Grand Time and more.

Grand Wallet
Tokens generated through social mining are stored in Grand Wallet - a secure and reliable tool used for sending, receiving and storing cryptocurrency assets. Unlike many other wallets, Grand Time is specifically focused on being maximally welcoming even to people with zero crypto experience.

Grand Metaverse
Grand Metaverse is a virtual reality platform owned by its users and powered by the Grand Token. You can use all products from the Grand Time ecosystem in metaverse. Create and host your own VR world, meet and connect with other users, socialize, learn, collaborate and attend or host live VR or AR events and much more. Grab a VR headset or use your web browser and become completely immersed in a 3D, interactive blockchain world.

Grand Messenger
Community-building is one of the primary focuses of Grand Time. Grand Messenger allows people to communicate with like-minded individuals, while also giving them the option to easily send Grand tokens to their friends.

Grand Terminal
Although the Grand token is the main asset of Grand Time, it’s not the only one. Every user of Grand Time can use the Grand Terminal to create and launch their own digital tokens.

Grand Exchange
Grand Exchange can be used to effortlessly swap between different crypto assets utilized within the Grand Time ecosystem. The users can exchange Grand for tokens created on Grand Terminal and vice versa.

Grand NFT Auction
Non-Fungible Tokens allow people to express themselves in creative ways using blockchain. Thanks to the Grand NFT Auction, people can easily launch, trade, and collect Grand Time NFTs.


Grand Time: The First Truly Complete Blockchain Platform That Can Finally Take Crypto Into the...

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Nov 12, 2021

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Nov 4, 2022



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